Please keep in mind that our white paper is a work in progress and will be updated as more information becomes available.

Our vision and mission

PRToken is the platform where developers earn incentives for contributing to open source projects or get recognised by the industry, every approved contribution will be minted in the blockchain.

Why Cardano?

In order to make sure the project scale and success, we are measuring in terms of transaction fees, speed of transaction and Cardano is a perfect fit into the protocol that we think has the best fundamental, especially the coming hydra will benefit us a lot, imaging that there are thousands of transactions per day from our platform that you don't want to wait for even mins of transactions to be approved, you want to see the transactions going through immediately which is the basis of the user experience, at the same time you definitely don't want the protocol to charge you hundreds of gas fee for a minimal microtransaction, it just doesn't make sense, especially for open source projects, we want to encourage more incentives but not as a business, more of microtransactions to appreciate for quick contributions.


All subscription, incentivising, minting will be paid in PRT, You can buy or sell PRT and swap with Sundaesawp


Issue bounties

Open-source project owners can create an issue from GitHub and assign a bounty if they like to solve it quickly, contributors/developers find issues from our platform and raise your hand if you like to contribute or solve this issue.
The open-source project owner can assign one of the contributors to solve the issue and when the contributor creates a PR if everything looks good and the Open-source project owner can approve from our platform, by approving you need to transact the amount of bounty you assign to this issue, and that's where the smart contract kicks in.
Each transaction will break into 2 parts, we PRToken only takes 3% and the contributor takes 97%


Every approved/merged pull request will be minted and reward the contributor with a Skills NFT, repository owner have to use our platform to approve or merge which allows us to retrieve information of the contributor and others to mint them as metadata in the blockchain.
Contributors can showcase their NFT in their profile or they can embed this profile page to Github as future plan.
The transparency and open data allow us to create trust between the contributors and repository owners who might want to contact contributors(filter by Skills NFT) for other, either open or private bounties assignments.
Access to exclusive hackathons, invite-only repositories, or projects, online courses, special rates for different tools and events by holding NFTs, building the true web3 experience by accessing these tools just using NFTs
We don’t encourage trading Skills NFT on our platform, the metadata that is minted with, are those contributors' information and it makes more sense for the contributor to own these NFTs. Skills NFT are composable, which means if you have been contributing a lot either in open or private repository, we are able to compose your skills NFTs and reward you with a updaded NFT. Whats interesting here is that now you will be able to access the mentor feature where other developers or whoever could buy a mentorship under you and learn from whatever skills that you have.
However we’re not limited to Skills NFT, repository owners can also distribute collectible NFT, which means they are trade-able, this will allow repository owners to attract more developers.


We are working with open source repositories to truly decentralise their repo, those who contribute a lot earn voting rights in that repository, giving them a chance to vote for the project direction, features to add on, and many more.
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