A list of PRToken product updates by date

  1. Streamlined Collaboration for Project Management, Jobs, and Events has transitioned away from web3 integration to focus on providing a seamless, user-friendly platform for collaborative project management, job opportunities, and events in the digital space. Our goal is to deliver an exceptional experience that caters to the evolving needs of our community.

  2. Revamp PRToken v0.20

    Full revamp from scratch, focusing on task, jobs, events with smart contract and NFTRemove Cardano services

  3. Integrated with Yoroi wallet, you can send Ada and mint NFT(s) within a pull reuqest.

  4. Add and show wallet used, and unused address info

  5. Contribution is now default as activities tab and is always availableAllow to enable manager option from dashboardApproving pull request

  6. Fix bug for GitHub participants commentsShowing your public profile as a dropdown in your user dropdownShowing your Github contributions on contributions page

  7. Changed some layout styles and improve flowsMigrating all Typescript to Rescript lang

  8. Restructure page layoutAdd whitepaper page, called from NotionFeatured on producthunt, if you like to upvote or ask questions please check on ProductHunt

  9. Add wallet, connected to Yoroi Dapp Connector (Cardano) with mighty buildShow balance on header

  10. Add contributors page where you can see your public Pull RequestCheck contributor pull request against issues from organization

  11. Fix auth with github user and organizationAdded stripe and pricing page

  12. Assign bounty to a Github IssueBounty amount show on GithubAssign issue to a participantAdd ada addressCheck detail of a Pull Request

  13. Upgrade nextjs to version 12Cleanup styles on auth pages ( register, login )

  14. Feature: Assign bounty for each issues, asign bounty to participant

  15. Feature: create labels, assign labelsFix duplicated bounties pageImproved some performance

  16. Fix github authroization for repoAdd approved, merged, issues tab

  17. Add user profile pageAllow users to change passwordsAllow user to connect to GitHub account

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