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Web3 contributors incentivise, career advancement and talent management platform

PRToken is a web3 SASS platform allowing anyone to create bounties for contributors, build their web3 profile and career network, create businesses and find potential talents.

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Earn bounties from projects

Discover open bounties and contribute to repositories that matter to you by participating in PRToken. By working together to solve some of humanity's most pressing coordination problems, builders like you have already earned rewards through our platform. Join us and make a difference while also earning rewards for your contributions.

Earn skills NFT

Contribute to projects and earn rewards for your efforts! Every task that assigned to you will be minted on the blockchain with a smart contract, earning you both crypto and a unique skills NFT. Show off your achievements on your profile, or even embed them on your GitHub profile to get recognized by the industry. Don't miss out on this opportunity to make a difference and be rewarded for your hard work.

Add Events and Jobs connecting talented individuals

PRToken allows users to create and post jobs and events, connecting talented individuals with opportunities for work and growth. When you apply for a job, a smart contract is minted with your profile and the details of the position. If the interviewer decides to move forward with your application, you'll earn crypto rewards for your time and effort. If the interviewer decides not to pursue your application, you'll still earn a small reward for your time, ensuring that you're not wasting your time or energy on opportunities that aren't a good fit.

Access to exclusive hackathons, repositories and events

By holding NFTs you'll earn access to exclusive hackathons, invite-only repositories with project bounties, and private events. You'll also have access to online courses and other valuable resources. Don't miss out on this opportunity to unlock these exclusive benefits and advance your skills and career.

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